19 October 2012

3 Guys & A Beer’d - Augustus Chocolate Porter

Here’s a new one coming from our pals at 3 Guys & A Beer’d…Augustus Chocolate Porter.  This Ale brewed with dark chocolate is keg-only so far an no word on ABV.

26 September 2012

Three Guys & A Beer’d–Where Can You Find the Beer

Hotel Wayne - Honesdale
Beer Express - Simpson - 6pk shop
Frank's Place - Simpson
The Fell Inn - Simpson
Coyote Bar @ The View Restraunt - Clifford
Elkview Country Club - Carbondale Twp.
The Stonehouse - Carbondale
AJ's Innovation - Carbondale
Manhattan Manor - Carbondale
Calandi's Cafe - Carbondale
The Coach - Carbondale
Champion's Lounge - Childs
Dante's Deli - Childs - 6pk Shop
Chico's Lounge - Mayfield
Dawn's Ruby Room - Peckville
AJ's Club Soda - Peckville
Jessup Beverage/Side Bar - Bar and 6pk shop
Smiler's - Dickson City
Billy B's - Dumore
The V Spot - Scranton
Andy Gavin's - Scranton
The Backyard Alehouse - Scranton
The Keys - Scranton
The Bog - Scranton
The Waldorf Park GAF - Scranton
Cooper's Seafood House - Scranton
The Y Knot - Moscow


Soul Patch Pumpkin AVAILABLE NOW!

12oz Bottles of Wheat the People & Ladder Dive available too.

20 July 2012

3 Guys & A Beer’d – Wheat The People Coming in 12oz Bottles

imageThe original keg label is here, but today we have the very first bottled beer coming from 3 Guys & A Beer’d –Wheat The People.  This is a 12oz bottle label and no word yet on when we might see this beer hitting our local shelves so stay tuned…and stay tuned for your palate saying “Surprise!!  It’s me, HOPS!!”

16 May 2012

3 Guys & A Beer’d–Rock ‘n Blond Ale


Here’s a new brew from our friends at 3 Guys & A Beer’d in Carbondale PA called Rock ‘n Blond Ale.  No details on this one yet but it appears to be a summer Blond seasonal.

23 March 2012

WILK Friday BeerBuzz 23 Mar 2012 3 Guys & A Beer’d w/Johnny Waering, Jon Bronson, Dave Oakley & Matt Zuk

WILKFridayBeerbuzz3Back in Nov of 2009, my pal Johnny Waering held his 2nd annual tasting event, and he and friends Jon Bronson, Dave Oakley & Matt Zuk brought out a Pale Ale & IPA that they were testing, and after a few beers talked about their “plan” to open 3 Guys & A Beer’d.  In May 2011 Johnny updated me on their progress, and slowly but surely they worked out all the details and opened their doors just weeks ago.

Beginning with their Wheat the People & Ladder Dive Rye IPA the guys have slowly been getting their beers out to the public and showing up in more and more local bars.  Coming to us from Carbondale, PA, the guys have been brewing, testing and building their brewery at 10 Enterprise Dr…and yes part of the build process lead to a ladder dive and a pretty serious wrist injury for Dave…resulting in Ladder Dive Rye IPA.

We sampled their initial offerings a few weeks ago and really enjoyed what the guys were brewing, but with St Patrick’s Day falling in March, we wanted to premier their new Irish Red Ale on today’s show.  Lots of interesting flavors going on here, and what I suspect was a pretty heavily consumed brew over the last few weeks.

Thank you Johnny Waering, Jon Bronson, Dave Oakley & Matt Zuk from 3-Guys & a Beer’d

, Nancy, John, & Joe for yet another fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

30 December 2011

3 Guys & A Beer’d Ladder Dive Rye IPA & Wheat The People

So here’s your first peek at the new keg packaging for 3 Guys & A Beer’d Ladder Dive Rye IPA & Wheat The People American Hefeweizen. We’ve followed along with the guys so it’s exciting to see label approval and see them getting one step closer to release. Cheers guys!

03 May 2011

Currently on Tap @ 3 Guys & A Beer'd

Stay Tuned!

3 Guys & A Beerd–UPDATE

imageI heard from Johnny with an update on 3 Guys & a Beerd Brewing so I thought I’d pass it along.  The guys have been working on the details for a location in Carbondale and moving forward with their paperwork.  Johnny tells me they've had their interviews with the LCB and were approved pending a TTB interview.  Once the TTB interview and approval occurs, the doors can open. 

The guys have talked to the TTB and confirmed that their paperwork has been received and an investigator has been assigned. The LCB has already issued their license number pending the receipt of the TTB interviews and their Fed Brewer number. So that's where we're at for the moment, in a valley, waiting on the government!  If all goes well they could be brewing in a few months so stay tuned.

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes 3 Guys & A Beer'd

Cheers & Welcome to 3 Guys & A Beer'd Brewing Co...now participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Matt, Jon, Dave & Johnny...the beer loving community thanks you!


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